Buyer Advocacy

Having been in the business-broking arena for 20 years, and having its team of brokers fluent in multiple languages, FCBB is well-placed to access an overseas buyer for your business. Recent media attention has brought foreign investment in Australia to the spotlight. Many vendors would like access to potential purchaser across the world, but want more information on:

  • How to access overseas buyers (a person not normally resident in Australia)
  • Whether they are allowed to sell to a foreign buyer
  • Who would be allowed to purchase from overseas, and what restrictions apply?

Applications on foreign investment in Australia are considered by the government on a case-by-case basis, and different rules apply according to the type of investment. For accurate information, visit (Foreign Investment Review Board). It can also be helpful to visit (Department of Immigration and Border Protection), for information about the types of visa’s that might be granted to the purchaser of an Australian business in certain circumstances.

In general, the Australian Government welcomes foreign investment. Foreign investment has helped build Australia’s economy, and supports economic growth and prosperity. It supports existing jobs, creates new jobs, encourages innovation, builds on new technologies and skills, and promotes competition in industry.

For assistance in accessing the market for an overseas buyer, talk to us at Manan Business Sales.