Some frequently asked questions by our customers

What is the benefit of dealing through a Business for sale agent?

Firstly, such business for sale agents has years of expertise and experience in similar transactions across industry spectrum and know all that is involved. They know what procedures to follow and how to get the best deal and then take it forward for a legally secure conclusion. You do not have to disturb your routine: the business for sale company handles everything for you.

There is no flat percentage based fee that can take a big chunk out of your net profit. We fix charges after a thorough evaluation of various aspects connected with your business for sale and then arrive at an equitable fee based on those factors, scope of work and personal discussions with clients.

Manan Business Sales promises speedy conclusion of a transaction. However, the time it takes to sell a business depends on a variety of factors such as the type of business to be sold, its value, its market position and the current economic situation. However, as a rule of thumb we try to execute a sale within 90 days at the most.


Leave it all to us. We have global connections and we will find precisely the type of business you wish to purchase. Talk with us, let us know what you want and then leave it to us to find exactly the right business at the right price.
Absolutely. We have teams with expertise in finance, management and legal sides to give you complete assistance from finding the right business to buy to negotiations to conclusion, all carried out with extreme care and meticulous due diligence. You are in good hands here.
Do not worry. We are here to provide total support from start to finish. We can give you extensive advice as well as assistance and act on your behalf to complete a transaction. We recommend that you talk with us first so that we can carry out the preliminaries like assessment and valuation and show you how to improve valuation. You can then engage our services to find a buyer and handle the deal for you.
We operate across Australia and we also have overseas connections. We are international.