How the Manan service works

It is easy to sell your business quickly and at the best price when you engage Manan business broker to handle it for you. This is how it works.

Nation-wide publicity and ads through different channels
Once you commit with us to sell your business on your behalf, we implement a strategic campaign across digital media online, through trade websites and in offline media. We also spread the word to our business associates in various cities to get the maximum number of positive responses.

We shortlist buyers and engage them in discussions. Once we finalize likely, buyers we start negotiation process to broker a deal on the best terms on the best prices. You do not have to worry about it and waste time. Our experts keep in touch with you and negotiate based on your instructions.

Once a verbal agreement is reached with a buyer, we initiate legal documentation process to finalize the deal and decide about payments and handing over assets. The final signing and exchange of documents are done with principals of both parties and their legal representatives in attendance.

Post-sale processes
If anything remains to be done after a sale is concluded we do it for you until the case is closed.

It does happen that several buyers may be ready but are ready to buy only on different terms such as one buyer can pay full price whereas others may be seeking external financing leading to delays. Some are ready to take on all liabilities while others may impose conditions. We recommend the best choice in such cases.

Sell with absolute confidence
Trust us. We have brokered hundreds of deals and have always given 100% satisfaction to each client in terms of quality of service, speed and price expectations.

Talk with us. It takes only a phone call to start your journey to making a profit from sale of your business.