Confidentiality Agreements

In Consideration of Manan Business Sales, hereinafter referred to as “agent” or “Manan” and its client hereinafter referred to as “vendor” or “seller” sharing all details of its business with the recipient, which details are referred to as “confidential information” or “information” the recipient hereby agrees and undertakes to keep all such information absolutely secure and confidential at

all times now and hereafter regardless of the outcome of the transaction and to keep the vendor and the agent absolutely indemnified in all respects in the event of any claim for any breach of confidentiality in respect of the information so furnished.

The recipient hereby agrees and undertakes:

  • To keep secret and confidential all the information furnished by the agent and/or vendor at all times;

  • To use the confidential information only for the purpose for which it is furnished such as evaluation and assessment of business opportunity relating to the business under consideration;

  • To use the information only for knowledge and not to leverage any undue advantage for any purpose;
  • Not to use use the confidential information to the disadvantage of the vendor and his/its business operations;
  • Not to share such confidential information with anyone save and except those directly involved with the proposed transaction and who, in turn, shall unconditionally be bound by the terms of this Confidentiality Agreement and, further, if the recipient is acting on behalf of a third-party client, then the confidentiality agreement will be equally binding on the recipient and their client(s) at all times regardless of the outcome of the business negotiations;

Confidentiality Form

  • To return all such papers, documents, digital data related to the proposed business and the transaction or to ensure that digital data is destroyed or removed from storage devices as and when requested by the vendor or agent;
  • Not to event make any mention about any ongoing transaction or even that the parties are in talks or to disclose the purpose of such talks.

The recipient agrees and undertakes not to deal directly with the vendor but to only conduct transactions such as discussions, negotiations, communications and offers through the aforesaid agent or Manan.

The recipient acknowledges that this confidentiality agreement is legally binding to him and the vendor and its agent and that breach in any manner of any terms shall invite legal action for which the recipient will be entirely responsible.

Should the recipient breach any of the terms of this confidentiality agreement at any time and in any manner then that recipient is liable to the vendor and/or agent to compensate for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from such breach and will unconditionally and without dispute pay up the damages so assessed and reimburse the agent and the vendor all costs and, further, reimburse the agent in full for the commission it would be entitled to had the deal been finalized as proposed. The recipient also further undertakes and agrees to keep the vendor and the agent fully indemnified for any such actions arising out of breach of this agreement by the recipient.

The agent provides information to the recipient with the concurrence of the vendor and such confidential information is based on the data provided by the vendor and its staff, legal advisors and consultants. The recipient agrees that all such information is prima-facie considered accurate and correct but the vendor and the agent, jointly and severally, shall not be held liable or responsible for any implied warranties, errors of omission or commission.

Notwithstanding what is mentioned in the preceding para and without prejudice to the rights and interests of the vendor and agent, it is the duty of the recipient to conduct independent due diligence into the commercial, tax, legal and other aspects of the proposed transaction and the vendor and its agent shall not, in any way, be held liable for any act of commission or omission or for any deficiency in any way in any aspect or from placing full trust in what is offered in writing or verbally or in the information provided by the vendor and/or agent.


Signed sealed and delivered by the within named agent


Signed sealed and delivered by the within named vendor


Signed sealed and delivered by the within named recipien