Manan Business Sales

As professionals engaged in business, we saw a huge chasm in the “business for sale segment”. Lack of access to buyers, poor knowledge of valuation and not knowing how to negotiate deals are factors that lead to many businesses being sold at a far lower price or not even finding a buyer for a long time. We aim to address all these issues with our modern business for sale brokerage model. Manan business broker manages everything for entrepreneurs wishing to sell of their ongoing business and make a profit in the transaction rather than suffer a loss as happens in many cases.

Manan Business Sales in Australia charge a very reasonable amount and yet offer the entire suite of services. As a business owner wishing to dispose of your business for any reason, we make life easy for you. From managing online and offline ads, finding buyers, negotiations, due diligence and legal formalities, we do everything for you to help you realise a profit from the transaction.

We believe in transparency in our business for sale brokerage practice. As our client we help you to calculate the real value of your business, devise strategies to improve valuation, implement local and international advertisements online and offline and carry through the process to the end with openness and honesty at each stage. We give you frank advice on what each decision entails leaving you to make the choice with the backing of our expert knowledge. Conversely, if you are looking to buy a running business just let us know.

Speed characterizes our operations. Many times, we find that businesses must be sold in a hurry to generate cash or to meet legal obligations and delays can be expensive. Trust us to find a buyer quickly. We are here to serve small, medium and large business owners find a worthy buyer for their business. We are here to help you emerge a winner.